Torture = Treason

‘Rampant’ police brutality with Obama; the sheriff proud of the ‘worst prison in the world’; as the independent task force finds Guantanamo torture ‘indisputable’,  ‘Orwell would have been pressed to conceive the plight of the 86: cleared for release, but denied freedom, using a hunger strike as their last weapon, only to be kept alive by the very people who will not let them go’ – The Independent’s Rupert Cromwell on the concentration camp where even the Pentagon admits most are innocent.

Seek truth from facts with leading lawyer Marjorie Cohn, activist Eric Draitser, Guantanamo detainee representative George Brent Mickum IV, chief investigative reporter Jason Leopold, clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Kaye, Guantanamo Files author Andy Worthington, and former CIA boss George Tenet.

The real barbarians are at the top of the pyramid.  They wear pin-striped suits and hobnob with clueless celebrities.  They go unpunished while the emotionally castrated young people they trick into acting out their orders can look forward to a devastated future.

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