The True Story of the Bilderberg Group and What They May Be Planning Now

… The Group’s grand design is for “a One World Government (World Company) with a single, global marketplace, policed by one world army, and financially regulated by one ‘World (Central) Bank’ using one global currency.” Their “wish list” includes:

– “one international identify (observing) one set of universal values;”

– centralized control of world populations by “mind control;” in other words, controlling world public opinion;

– a New World Order with no middle class, only “rulers and servants (serfs),” and, of course, no democracy;

– “a zero-growth society” without prosperity or progress, only greater wealth and power for the rulers;

– manufactured crises and perpetual wars;

– absolute control of education to program the public mind and train those chosen for various roles;

– “centralized control of all foreign and domestic policies;” one size fits all globally;

– using the UN as a de facto world government imposing a UN tax on “world citizens;”

– expanding NAFTA and WTO globally;

– making NATO a world military;

– imposing a universal legal system; and

– a global “welfare state where obedient slaves will be rewarded and non-conformists targeted for extermination.”

In the US, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is dominant. One of its 1921 founders, Edward Mandell House, was Woodrow Wilson’s chief advisor and rumored at the time to be the nation’s real power from 1913 – 1921. On his watch, the Federal Reserve Act passed in December 1913 giving money creation power to bankers, and the 16th Amendment was ratified in February creating the federal income tax to provide a revenue stream to pay for government debt service. …

The brazen fraud at the heart of the scheme is exposed simply by recognizing that money comes from nowhere, it is conjured into existence by whoever controls the reigns of monetary policy.  The people can and will spontaneously create a bountiful economy that will make the 19th century american economy pale in comparison if they only free themselves from their imposed ignorance of how money works and how aristocracies have always exploited this ignorance.  It has taken 2 centuries for this fundamental fact of economics to be erased from the public memory.   We are back to the start of the middle ages, complete with an insane, culturally and genetically inbred aristocracy directing a high-tech overlay of genocidal power.  With one additional, historically unprecedented complication: the internet has exposed the criminals for all to see.

See the links about banking and money in the reference section.

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