Satanists Drilling for Mass Kidnapping of School Children

There is a new national threat that has, apparently, been making headline news all over the country in recent years. According to law enforcement officials in Washington that domestic terror threat involves armed and angry parents acting in concert to take over a school.

It’s an active shooter situation that police officers, SWAT and emergency response personnel are currently simulating in training exercises.

The question is, why?

What better way to control adults than to hold their children hostage?  Of course there will have to be a plausible cover story about protecting the children from some threat, or perhaps protecting society from some plague in the schools.  The latter actually sounds plausible if the rest of the city is in lockdown, since schools are petri dishes for mixing whatever is making the rounds among different families that would normally be isolated.  Another good reason to do home schooling.

If society is collapsing as intended, the rationale might be to feed and house the kids, who are far more valuable and less of a threat to the satanists than their parents who understand what’s happening.  Like cambodia under brzezinski’s khmer rouge, the objective would be to wipe the social slate clean and start over.

Of course this is crazy, as crazy as torturing peasants in guatemala or exterminating millions in cambodia or protecting nazi mind control scientists after world war II.  All of which have been committed by the “government” in question.

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