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I sent this to Michel Chossudovsky in response to the article “Psychopathy, Politics and The New World Order” posted on his site.

Do you want a scoop?  If you invest the time to check it out, your site could be pivotal in putting a stop to the ongoing mass production of psychopaths, as well as give pause to those who are already out there acting on their rage and alienation.  Currently virtually no one is paying attention to this issue.  Please forward this to Colin Todhunter as well.

There is no more pivotal time in anyone’s life than their birth.  This is a time of imprinting, the holy grail of mind control researchers.  In a normal birth, the hormonal floods of oxytocin and dopamine, in conjunction with skin to skin mother-baby contact, eye contact, breast feeding etc amounts to a huge epigenetic activator of the empathic and mirroring circuits of the brain, which are crucial to the neuro-social development which makes decent human societies possible.  If this mother-baby complex is allowed to continue unmolested through childhood, the resultant adult is heir to the benefits of millions of years of human adaptation to living in complex societies.  But again, the most pivotal time, the trigger mechanism for the neurological transition from fetus to autonomous human being, is the birth experience.  There is virtually no end to the peer reviewed scientific research (some of which was deliberately, inexplicably suppressed and censored by the NIH in the 60s) which bears this out.   And normal birth is a natural experience, as natural as breathing or defecating.  It’s free for the taking.  And crucially, it’s self-replicating.  Confident, emotionally balanced mothers are more likely to have easy births and stable marriages.  Similarly, mothers whose childhood was marred by their own difficult birth and/or broken homes tend to replicate the pattern with their own children.

Now suppose that emergent socioeconomic patterns and belief systems tend to disrupt this all-important experience of normal birth and childhood, but most especially among the well-to-do.  Suppose that the resultant wealthy adults adapt to their own emotional impoverishment by unconsciously reenacting it on their own children, intensifying the pattern.  And as the belief systems and control structures of the elite spread to the population at large, this mother-baby disruption spreads like a plague into the general population, with economic pressures and expediencies selecting for the mass adoption of this curse as the new normal.

Finally, suppose the disease comes full circle and becomes a conscious agenda on the part of the elite in their efforts to impose total external control to compensate for their own lack of internal control.  Imagine if they could consciously manipulate the birth experiences of millions of people by blocking or hindering that first empathic imprint.  Imagine if they could go further and actually impair emotional bonding between parents as a consequence of their mistreatment as children in the neonatal period.  They could go a long way toward creating a society of mass alienation, where family and community structures break down, political organizing is impaired, and top-down control is facilitated.  Where people seek companionship through virtual friends projected on a 2-dimensional screen.  A society plagued by a pervasive un-namable fear, the fear of trauma and loss.   A slave society.

This is where we’re at today.  Natural birth has been turned on its head.  It’s as if people forgot how to breathe as a result of the mass marketing of iron lungs.   Modern “scientific” american obstetrics is the hidden agent for the mass breakdown of the capacity for empathy and politically-potent self-organization in the united states.

Here’s a tiny sample of the constellation of knowledge available on the subject:

and I appended the article at

Maybe even professional economists and historians can relate to the needs of newborn children.

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