Boston Bombing Suspect Innocent

Photos show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s backpack at the Marathon was white.  A photo of the remains of the bomb back shows that it was black and Richard DesLauriers stated that both bombs exploded in “black nylon bags or backpacks.”  The backpack which Dzhokhar dropped is what the Joint Task Force says linked “Suspect 2″ to the bombing.  But Dzhokhar had only the white backpack and no other at the Marathon.  Therefore there is no link between Dzhokhar and the bombing, but rather proof of a black-op involving terrorism against the American people and a frameup of two innocent young men.
Does any agent have the courage and respect for the law and justice to own up to the corruption across Federal agencies this crime implies?
At the Marathon all photos and videos showing Dzhokhar’s backpack show that it was white.  Special Agent Richard DesLauriers announced in the first Joint Task Force news conference that both bombs were contained in “black nylon bags or backpacks.”
The FBI released this photo of the remains of the black backpack that contained the second bomb.
The black bag that held the second bomb.


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