Behind Jolie’s Breast Amputations

YouTube, owned by corporate giant Google, has banned our video discussing the corporate ownership of patents on human genes. This video, which featured nothing more than myself and Robert Scott Bell criticizing Angelina Jolie for hyping up BRCA breast cancer gene tests and being part of the trillion-dollar industry of “human genomics” apparently ran afoul of the content desires of YouTube, and they slapped our account with a “Community Guidelines warning strike.”

The video was censored within hours of it being posted. “Within an hour of it going live on Infowars, the video was quickly taken down by YouTube,” writes Steve Watson of “Viewers now clicking on the play button are presented with a static filled screen informing them that the video ‘has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.” …

It’s concerning that they’re marketing the pre-emptive amputation of one of the most important connections between mothers and their babies, especially based on the implicitly eugenic assumption that environmental influences need not be considered in such decisions.   This is the bias in virtually all medical guidance: blame the gene, blame the brain, blame anything other than the increasingly toxic physical and social environment that we find ourselves in.   A very convenient and profitable means of blaming the victim.  Medicine is a creature of the status quo after all, and its “science” reflects that.

I suppose Jolie thinks she’ll never want children of her own.   I wonder where that mindset comes from?

Few young people have the experience of growing up in intact, happy families any more.  It’s as if such things never existed.  This is becoming a society of lonely orphans.

The War on Empathy, Love and Family