agent provocateur vs. non-violence

An agent provocateur is someone hired to infiltrate a legal and non-violent movement with the intention of undermining it. He advocates violence or criminal activity and this then justifies the police or military to come in and suppress the movement. Always distrust anyone who promotes violence. Adam Weishaupt who founded the Illuminati Doctrine in 1776 promoted the use of agent provocateurs as a method of eliminating resistance. Violence can’t be used to overthrow the New World Order. They control the weapons of mass destruction. You’re not going to defeat nuclear weapons with handguns. You may need your firearms to defend your family during the coming riots when the breakdown comes. But advocating violent revolution is not practical. Non-violent action however can still create change. Using the spread of truthful information to awaken minds is necessary. Using non-violent confrontation to awaken consciousness is also good. Informed people who survive the coming collapse of society will be the ones who rebuild it.

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