Ted Gunderson: More on Satanism & the CIA

It’s important to realize the intimate connections between the CIA and wall street which itself has ties to old european power centers dating back centuries that have long practiced satanism.  But satanism also provides a philosophical framework for psychopathy and a crutch for the emotional poverty among the powers that be.  That unleashed psychopathic power has financed the rise of the medical, educational and media institutions that cultivate sociopathy and powerlessness in children, providing a continuous stream of recruits to the secret armies of the ruling elite, completing the loop.  Furthermore, immersing recruits into the ritualized horrors of satanism provides blackmail leverage to keep them in line.

Sibel Edmonds: The Boston Bombing, the CIA & the US Empire

Yesterday I was back on the Lew Rockwell Show to talk about the geopolitical context and implications of the Boston Bombing. It was a great honor to be back on Mr. Rockwell’s show.

Show Notes:


American Blacklist

Today no matter what your profession telling tales out of school can get you permanently blacklisted. It may be something you think is morally incorrect, it may be something that is dangerous and life threatening. If you tell the wrong people you life from that point can be ruined. Think, this is not the American you once knew, but realize it can never be again if you fail to take action.

The Secret Government

Back in the ’80s Bill Moyers sounded the alarm about the rise of Ollie North’s wet dream of a self-financing parallel government outside the purview of legitimate controls.  It was a bit late in the game considering the CIA’s drug smuggling had already been providing such funding, dating back at least to the vietnam war.  The drug war is still destroying this country from within on every level, from the streets to the boardrooms.  And now we’ve reached a point where drug trafficking is one of the few remaining props of the US dollar.

A bit dated but well worth watching.


Also see “coverup: behind the iran contra affair” in the reference section.