Topless Jihad

The Ukrainian-based feminist group FEMEN, famous for their international bare-breasted protests, stormed a conference in Paris attended by Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki in their recent ‘Topless Jihad’ campaign to protect Muslim women’s rights.

The topless activists came to support Tunisian Amina Tyler, who has been threatened with death in her home country for posting a topless picture of herself online. They also demanded the names of those who shot and killed Tunisian opposition leader Chokri Belaid in February, chanting “Who killed Chokri Belaid?

Amina Tyler, 19, wrote “My body is mine, not somebody’s honor” across her chest in Arabic in a show of solidarity with FEMEN, and made the image public. The picture sparked rage among religious Muslimsm and ultraconservative Tunisian religious groups now say the girl deserves death by stoning. …

Once again, organized religion has shown itself to be an appendage of the modern religion of statism whose first commandment is to destroy the family, the last holdout of individual empowerment and self-determination.   This perverse caricature of human morality is epitomized in the islamic, judaic and american medical “holy rite” of genital mutilation.

I imagine telling the tunisians of the USA’s role in deliberately funding and organizing the rise of fundamentalist islam in afghanistan, iran and iraq, as a tool of central bankster imperial policy, would simply blow their minds.  It would be beyond their comprehension, as it is beyond the comprehension of most americans.  We are all peasants to the masters of public perception.

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