Rumsfeld Sat On Board Of Company That Sold Nuclear Reactors To North Korea

2000: director of a company which wins $200m contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea
2002: declares North Korea a terrorist state, part of the axis of evil and a target for regime change

Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, sat on the board of a company which three years ago sold two light water nuclear reactors to North Korea – a country he now regards as part of the “axis of evil” and which has been targeted for regime change by Washington because of its efforts to build nuclear weapons.

Mr Rumsfeld was a non-executive director of ABB, a European engineering giant based in Zurich, when it won a $200m (£125m) contract to provide the design and key components for the reactors. The current defence secretary sat on the board from 1990 to 2001, earning $190,000 a year. He left to join the Bush administration.

The reactor deal was part of President Bill Clinton’s policy of persuading the North Korean regime to positively engage with the west. …

Just months after Mr Rumsfeld took office, President George Bush ended the policy of engagement and negotiation pursued by Mr Clinton, saying he did not trust North Korea, and pulled the plug on diplomacy. Pyongyang warned that it would respond by building nuclear missiles. A review of American policy was announced and the bilateral confidence building steps, key to Mr Clinton’s policy of detente, halted. …

Light water nuclear reactors generate plutonium, which is much easier to purify and weaponize than uranium.

War is a solution to an empire’s currency collapse.  Just when people are waking up to the enemy within, a new external enemy and resource drain is found to divert attention and explain the coming hard times.  What if, like clinton’s mortgage deregulation bubble, his “detente” with north korea was just a ploy to prepare the way for a “new world order”?   Just a thought.

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