Reprise: Secrets of the Federal Reserve

The military industrial complex is only a satellite of the heart of the beast, the real masters of war, the central banking cartel.   Their business model is simple: bribe, blackmail and murder their way into being allowed to print money out of nothing, “loan” it to their respective governments and charge those governments interest on the loans, with the IRS or similar agencies being given supra-constitutional powers to collect taxes to pay the interest.  Once a private corporation is given such power, one of their their profit maximization strategies is to ensure that the government goes into greater and greater debt.  The fastest way to increase government debt is through war.  Wars can be readily arranged given enough time and money.  And if the war is won, the monetary domain of that central bank expands, increasing the demand for and value of their paper tokens.  But it’s only competition among subsidiaries: there are far more central banks than the number of families which control them.  The european based rothschild family is almost certainly the largest shareholder of the federal reserve through its control of the NY fed via its ownership of jpmorgan.

But that’s only part of their toxic business strategy.  Since they control the interest rates and supply of money, they can cause boom and bust cycles at will.  They invest prior to booms, they bail out before the busts, and they buy real assets for huge discounts during the ensuing depressions.   The fact that most of the fed’s “quantitative easing” payments have gone into the vaults of their cronies in high finance means that they are well situated to mop up when the second great depression comes.

Once such a debt-based monetary system is in place, the economic incentives for sustainable long-term investment and development are lost to a constant race with the ongoing (mathematically dictated) devaluation of the currency and the taxes to pay the interest on it.   It’s hard to overstate the magnitude of the environmental and social impact of such a system, even without the wars, economic cycles and political corruption.  Planned obsolescence is only one consequence.  Money becomes nothing more than a tool of mass social control.

But there is an alternative, the constitutional power of congress to “coin” (create) money.  The american monetary act ( would reclaim our economic rights simply by forcing banks out of the money-creation business and making them act as arbiters between savers and borrowers, as most people think they already do.

The money masters are a hidden aristocracy, as degraded and corrupt and above the law as any inbred medieval “royal” family.  And they are leading us straight into hell.  See the links near the bottom of the reference section.

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