Montana NDAA Nullification Bill Heads to the Governor

Today, the Montana Senate approved House Bill 522 (HB522) by a vote of 43-7, concurring with the State house which previously voted to approve the bill by a 98-0 vote.   The bill now goes to the Governor’s desk with a solid veto-proof majority.

If signed into law, HB522 would ban state compliance with, enforcement, enforcement of, or any assistance for NDAA “indefinite detention”.   It reads:

The state of Montana may not provide material support or participate with the implementation of sections 1021 and 1022 of the federal National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, Public Law 112-81, within the boundaries of this state.

This would make a HUGE dent in any effort to further restrict due process – and would be a big step forward for Montana. As Judge Andrew Napolitano has said recently, such widespread noncompliance can make a federal law “nearly impossible to enforce” (video here)

Grassroots activists worked tirelessly to support this legislation, and people came from across the political spectrum in favor of the bill.  ACLU, Tenth Amendment Center, Oath Keepers and many others worked in favor.  Bill sponsor, Nicholas R. Schwaderer, a 24-year old freshman representative for the republicans gained much deserved support from people on both sides of the aisle. …

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