expect blood & fire false flag Apr. 19 to May 1st 2013

In Satanism, the 13 days between Apr. 19th to May 1st are ritualistically important. The publicly witnessed Satanic slaughter of the children at the Waco compound and OK City false flag bombing both took place on Apr. 19th for a reason. Remember May 1st,, 1776 was the date upon which the Illuminati was founded. (See my video on Youtube by doing a search “Illuminati Doctrine Political”) The number 13 is important in Luciferianism for a number of reasons. Lunar cycles and so forth. So the year 2013 is particularly important for the May Day Satanic rituals. Expect much blood and fire and perhaps a high body count. They’ll want to kill children in large numbers I should expect. In the wake of the bloody false flag operation they’ll blame some other groups, terrorists of some kind, and take away even more human rights from us. They may crack down on dissidents. To be forewarned is to be prepared. Good luck. Pray for the victims. Know that I will.

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