Circumcision and the Geopolitics of Exploitation

Geopolitics of exploitation and circumcision
by Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau
As dear to enslaver tribalism and feudalism as to the Victorian and Puritan bourgeoisie ofthe 19th century or, today, to U.S. capitalism and its emulators of Muslim countries,South-Korea and Philippine, circumcision is the safest tool of tyranny when it wants to setitself up in the long term. It is one of the most odious and effective ever devisedtechniques of exploitation of man by man.Not content with fetishism of goods, it fetishicizes man himself, playing on his perversetendencies to pass the ring it removes from his sex through his nose. Attacking the bodyof the still child proletarian in its most intimate part, through a savagely traumatizingthreat of castration, it is an extreme form of the alienation generated by compulsion ofdomination and megalomaniac will for power. The incapacity of Arabian revolutions toenable peoples to access to genuine democracy is a testimony of it; they take the powerfrom the feudal tyrants to give it to the religious, the second pole of the feudal society!Circumcision is a strategic element of geopolitics of exploitation. It explains the recentcraze of USA, Israel and the WHO for the mutilation of Africans under the pretext offighting AIDS (Operation Abraham). Other interests likely explain that sudden craze forcircumcision and the important funds that it succeeds to collect. Genocides and warsmultiply at the contact of circumcision1, the latter makes the fortune of gun merchants.It is not irrelevant that France of PS and UMP has been and goes on being widelyimporting as circumcised as submitted labour that can be exploited at will. The proposalof opening Europe to Turkey was dear to Jacques Chirac. Now, the latter, after havingattended tortures during the war in Algeria (this could be read in Le Monde, long ago),accepted the invitation of the Great rabbi of France to the circumcision of his grand-son.Then, the authoritarian governments of Turkey specialized in producing and exportingmass circumcision programs. All this is characteristic of the abject temptation of thefierce obsessive ones who rule us: mutilate or use mutilated labour in order to betterexploit mutilated and… nonmutilated. …

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