April 19th a Logical Choice for False Flag Against “Al Patriots”

The nazi propagandists in control of the MSM have constructed a bizarre phantom amalgam of their chosen enemies (“al qaeda” + supporters of the bill of rights and constitution) out of their own diseased imaginations.  With the gun bill stalled in the senate, time running out for the propping up of the financial system and war with iran and/or north korea and/or china on the front burner, it seems the pressure is on to create a new sense of national panic and impulse to stampede through the next gateway into hell.  Domestic supporters of the constitution are high on the hit list of course.  April 19th was the traditional observance of “patriots day” before it was reassigned to the 3rd monday in april in 1969.  As Kerth pointed out earlier on this blog, it’s also the anniversaries of the waco slaughter, the OKC false flag and also has some ritualistic significance in the satanic religion seemingly embraced by our modern-day medieval aristocracy.  When T-day comes, as it surely will, it will provide a fine explanation for the collapse of the stock and and dollar bubbles, decimating the paper fortunes of the sheep and further inflaming their rage against the “al patriots” and their core organizing document, the constitution (mixed in somehow with the koran, presumably.  This is the stuff of stand-up comedy, or it would be if the stakes weren’t so high)

We may be about to discover what happened to the nuke the neocons stole from minot AFB in 2007. http://www.legitgov.org/minot_afb_nukes_oddities.html






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