Angry White Woman on Conspiracy Theories

Not that american women don’t have good reason to be angry, nearly as good a reason as emotionally castrated american men. In fact EVERYONE has a good reason to be angry, specifically at the “authorities” which have betrayed their trust and done so much to decimate our children, families and communities in their multi-pronged undeclared war on humanity. But of course you won’t hear that on fake-progressive GE-owned MSNBC. Keeping the “liberal” loyalists of the empire in line requires strict adherence to ideological boundaries.

It’s appropriate that she’s hawking a 9/11 comic book (seriously?) from the commission which now distances itself from its own report due to its reliance on perjured testimony. Her audience is desperate to be reassured that everything is in good hands, that our benevolent government, which has run death squads and torture centers around the world for the past 50 years ( ), and whose record of staging domestic attacks such as the WTC and OKC bombings are beyond dispute, despite Maddow’s cluelessness (see the reference section on this site), will protect us from the big bad terrorists that the CIA is funding and training to this day ( ), even as these same bewildered spectators see their own human rights and financial security being steadily eroded by the robber baron elite that controls MSNBC and much of the federal government.

You can’t blame them for not wanting to know.  Their need for reassurance is the dominant political force operating in this society today, contrary to RM’s straw-man conspiracy critique.  Unfortunately, the evidence is very clear to anyone willing to set aside their normalcy bias and look.

Given the corruption and betrayal of the likes of RM, it’s not hard to see why our authority figures have grown so brazen in their social engineering.   Lies are cheap and very effective.

Here is a small sampling of the stuff you can find in the reference section of this site:

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