Psychiatry Metastasizes into the Rest of Medicine

I was going to say “into REAL medicine” but I guess the rest of medicine is almost as full of cruelty and quackery as psychiatry, they’re just somewhat constrained by obvious physical injuries and mortality.  But psychiatry promises to open new vistas of profiteering in medicine.

Your Physical Illness May Now Be Labeled a Mental Disorder

In “Physical Illnesses May Soon Be Labeled ‘Mental Disorders’” (December 27, 2012), I wrote about a disturbing development taking place in the drafting of the fifth edition of the DSM—the manual used to decide if people have a psychiatric disorder or not. Those who use the DSM to diagnose include a wide range of health care practitioners: psychiatrists and other physicians (such as primary care doctors), psychologists, social workers, occupational and rehab therapists. The list is long.

In that December piece, I described Somatic Symptom Disorder, a new mental illness that was being proposed for the new edition of the DSM. I wrote:

“People can be diagnosed with Somatic Symptom Disorder if, for at least six months, they’ve had one or more symptoms that are distressing and/or disruptive to their daily life, and if they have one [only one] of the following three reactions:

Criteria #1: disproportionate thoughts about the seriousness of their symptom(s);

Criteria #2: a high level of anxiety about their symptoms or health; or

Criteria #3: devoting excessive time and energy to their symptoms or health concerns.

Can you see how this diagnosis potentially includes everything from a stomach ache to cancer?

To repeat, this time using a hypothetical: For six months, you’ve had bad gastrointestinal symptoms that have been ‘disruptive to your daily life’ because you can’t be far from a bathroom. In the subjective view of a health practitioner, you’ve spent ‘excessive time and energy devoted’ to trying to figure out what to do about it (criteria #3). The result: you may well be diagnosed as suffering from a mental illness called Somatic Symptom Disorder.”

This is absurd. (For an analysis of the dangers of being diagnosed with Somatic Symptom Disorder, please read my full piece from December 27th.)

Despite the vehement opposition of many in the health care field—including many therapists—the American Psychiatric Association (who publishes the DSM) has included Somatic Symptom Disorder in the its fifth edition—DSM-5—which will be published in May. The refusal of the APA to even broaden the criteria for coming under Somatic Symptom Disorder is not just a bitter disappointment, but a potentially dangerous mistake for reasons outlined in my previous piece.

Among the professionals who fought hard against the inclusion of this new diagnosis is Allen Frances, M.D. who was the chair of the DSM-4 Task Force and of the department of psychiatry at Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC. He is currently a professor emeritus at Duke. He has just written a comprehensive article about this development: “Bad News: DSM 5 Refuses To Correct Somatic Symptom Disorder.” In it, he says:

“Somatic Symptom Disorder is defined so over inclusively by DSM 5 that it will mislabel 1 in 6 people with cancer and heart disease; 1 in 4 with irritable bowel and fibromyalgia…For reasons that I can’t begin to fathom, DSM 5 has decided to proceed on its mindless and irresponsible course. The sad result will be the mislabeling of potentially millions of people with a fake mental disorder that is unsupported by science and flies in the face of common sense.” …

April 19th a Logical Choice for False Flag Against “Al Patriots”

The nazi propagandists in control of the MSM have constructed a bizarre phantom amalgam of their chosen enemies (“al qaeda” + supporters of the bill of rights and constitution) out of their own diseased imaginations.  With the gun bill stalled in the senate, time running out for the propping up of the financial system and war with iran and/or north korea and/or china on the front burner, it seems the pressure is on to create a new sense of national panic and impulse to stampede through the next gateway into hell.  Domestic supporters of the constitution are high on the hit list of course.  April 19th was the traditional observance of “patriots day” before it was reassigned to the 3rd monday in april in 1969.  As Kerth pointed out earlier on this blog, it’s also the anniversaries of the waco slaughter, the OKC false flag and also has some ritualistic significance in the satanic religion seemingly embraced by our modern-day medieval aristocracy.  When T-day comes, as it surely will, it will provide a fine explanation for the collapse of the stock and and dollar bubbles, decimating the paper fortunes of the sheep and further inflaming their rage against the “al patriots” and their core organizing document, the constitution (mixed in somehow with the koran, presumably.  This is the stuff of stand-up comedy, or it would be if the stakes weren’t so high)

We may be about to discover what happened to the nuke the neocons stole from minot AFB in 2007.

Analysis Finds Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic

The 2012 report, entitled 2012 Nutritional Analysis: Comparison of GMO Corn versus Non-GMO Corn, found numerous concerning and notable differences between GMO and non-GMO corn, none of which are particularly surprising. First, the report found that non-GMO corn has considerably more calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron, and zinc.

  • • Non-GMO corn has 6130 ppm of calcium while GMO corn has 14 – non-GMO corn has 437 times more calcium.
  • • Non-GMO corn has 113 ppm of magnesium while GMO corn has 2 – non-GMO corn has about 56 times more magnesium.
  • • Non-GMO corn has 113 ppm of potassium while GMO corn has 7 – non-GMO corn has 16 times more potassium.
  • • Non-GMO corn has 14 ppm of manganese while GMO corn has 2 – non-GMO corn has 7 times more manganese.

As far as energy content goes, non-GMO corn was found to ‘emit 3,400 times more energy per gram, per second compared to GMO corn’, as reported by NaturalNews. Overall, the paper found that non-GMO corn is 20 times richer in nutrition, energy and protein compared to GMO corn….

Not surprisingly, the report found what many of us already know – that GMO corn is highly toxic. While non-GMO corn was found to be free of chlorides, formaldehyde, glyphosate (active ingredient in Monsanto’s best selling herbicide Roundup), and other toxic substances, GMO corn is riddled with these toxins.

Based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations, the maximum amount of glyphosate allowed in drinking water is 700 parts per billion, which equates to .7 ppm. The amount is a set “level of protection based on the best available science to prevent potential health problems”.  Europe allows even less glyphosate in water, at .2 ppm. The report found that GMO corn contains 13 ppm – that’s 18.5x the “safe amount” set by the EPA.

Similarly, GMO corn contains concerning levels of toxic formaldehyde, at 200 ppm. According to Dr. Don Huber, a respected expert on GMOs, at least one study found that 0.97 ppm of ingested formaldehyde was toxic to animals. The GMO corn was found to contain 200 times more formaldehyde than this ‘maximum’ safety amount….

Italian Supreme Court President Blames Bilderberg For Terrorist Attacks

Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy and former Senior Investigative Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, the man who prosecuted the case involving the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II, has sensationally accused the Bilderberg Group of being behind terrorist attacks in Europe.

In an interview with the ArticoloTre website, Imposimato, who was also involved in the case involving the kidnapping and murder of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, said that he “found a document that left me appalled” implicating the Bilderberg Group in conspiring with the far right organization Ordine Nuovo to commit terror attacks.

Speaking of unsolved murders in Italy and the document in his possession, Imposimato stated, “When it comes to slaughter it also speaks of the Bilderberg Group. I believe this document. I did some tests and I can say that behind the strategy of tension and the slaughters there is also the Bilderberg group, a sort of Big Brother is over, maneuvering, using terrorists and Masons. “

The “strategy of tension” refers to a policy under the auspices of Operation Gladio, a NATO cold war “stay behind” project that sought to create an expedient political climate in Europe by having its agents carry out terror attacks which were then blamed on both far left and far right political groups.

Gladio was designed to demonize political opposition and “force the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security,” according to the testimony of former Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra. In 2000, an Italian parliamentary investigation found that the 1980 Bologna train bombing, which killed 85 people, was carried out by “men inside Italian state institutions and … men linked to the structures of United States intelligence.” …