Was Boston bombing a terror attack or a false flag?!!!

The bomb that went off today at the end of the Boston Marathon was placed there by someone who was very knowable of how the media works and knew that cameras would catch the explosion. A few days ago on Apr. 9th I posted an article here on thoughtcrime radio explaining how as we approached the date of Apr. 19th there would likely be false flag events staged to look like terror attacks. Unfortunately my prediction is coming true. The media hasn’t yet announced who they are going to blame for the bombings today, but the people who are really behind these bombings were undoubtably trained by and work for those who are now in power in the global New World Order government. These false flag events place the public in continual fear and give the government ever more power. You don’t have to be precognitive to predict them anymore. I pray to God everyday for the victims of the Global government’s false flag campaign. These events will continue to take place until the public wakes up to the truth that it isn’t small bands of terrorists but the Illuminati that is behind this violence. I have a video on Youtube that explains more. You can find it by doing a Youtube search of these words “Illuminati Doctrine Political thought crime radio”