disciples of deus and international government

Some time ago I was contacted by a group of computer programers who claimed to be a part of a secretive movement to create a just international government. I couldn’t be certain of all they told me, but they had some interesting ideas that I’ve decided to share. They claimed that their actions are based on advanced computer analysis–using concepts from chaos, complexity and games theories. The idea I liked most was to tax Wall Street. This was not a generalized tax on all Wall Street transactions, but only those not likely to generate inflation. If you tax corn futures, for example, the price of corn will rise. But certain other derivatives are really more like expensive lottery tickets, and if you tax them, inflation will not be affected–but huge income can be generated. That income is to go directly and only into building up infrastructure on the level of State governments. This will create jobs everywhere and end the recession. This Wall Street tax would not stop the global economic collapse, but make it possible for USA to survive it. With the collapse apparent, a predictable emergent cabal of patriots is formed. We force 911 truth through the mass media to justify regime change. The military is used then to nullify all debts on a worldwide basis–all debts–USA natl. debt, personal debts, all debts everywhere. Start at square one. The Fed is eliminated. All currency is printed only by USA government in USA. Same for other democracies around the world. Fractional Reserve Banking is not allowed ever again anywhere in the world. If any other nation allows it they are eliminated immediately. All unnecessary government agencies and personal are let go. Corruption within the government is dealt with by the Reversed Panopticon. Instead of the government watching the people, the people watch the government. Anyone in this new government will assume they are being watched at all times. Regular mandatory lie detection tests for all government officials, elected or otherwise.

‘Smoking Gun’ Memo Proves Pope Francis Collaborated with Military Junta

Allegations that Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis I, collaborated with Argentina’s brutal military dictatorship have been circulating for decades. The Pope, and the Vatican he now heads, have vehemently denied these allegations.

The Vatican has dismissed the allegations against the new Pope as a “left-wing anti-clerical attack on the church.” Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi insisted there has never been a “concrete or credible accusation” against Bergoglio. On Sunday, an Argentinian newspaper published a government memo that seems to definitively prove that Bergoglio did indeed provide information to the murderous dictatorship, informing authorities about allegations against two Jesuit priests who were kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned for five months for allegedly contacting anti-regime leftist guerrillas.

Furthermore, Gregoglio is alleged to have sold the priests out even while he personally promised them his protection. On March 13, Digital Journal published a lengthy article detailing Jorge Bergoglio’s– and the Argentine Catholic church’s– alleged role in collaborating with that country’s brutal, US-backed military dictatorship, a regime characterized by kidnapping, torture, murder and disappearance. As many as 30,000 people, from students, trade unionists, journalists and leftists and their sympathizers to children and even pregnant women (whose babies were stolen), were killed or disappeared during the 1976-1983 ‘Dirty War,’ which was fully supported by the Carter and Reagan administrations. …


Pope Francis, CIA and ‘Death Squads’

The election of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis brings back into focus the troubling role of the Catholic hierarchy in blessing much of the brutal repression that swept Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s, killing and torturing tens of thousands of people including priests and nuns accused of sympathizing with leftists.

The Vatican’s fiercely defensive reaction to the reemergence of these questions as they relate to the new Pope also is reminiscent of the pattern of deceptive denials that became another hallmark of that era when propaganda was viewed as an integral part of the “anticommunist” struggles, which were often supported financially and militarily by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

It appears that Bergoglio, who was head of the Jesuit order in Buenos Aires during Argentina’s grim “dirty war,” mostly tended to his bureaucratic rise within the Church as Argentine security forces “disappeared” some 30,000 people for torture and murder from 1976 to 1983, including 150 Catholic priests suspected of believing in “liberation theology.”…