Monsanto Rider Passed Congress, Sent to Obama

On March 21st, Congress passed The Monsanto Protection Act that was slipped into a short term budget resolution. This dangerous rider found in Section 735 of the bill would create a precedent-setting limitation on judicial review of genetically-engineered crops, allowing them to be planted without federal safeguards in place that protect our environment, family farmers and citizens.

Call President Obama today; tell him to strike section 735 from the 2013 Continuing Resolution.  Add your voice to the groundswell in response to this dangerous bill!

Together we WILL setting right this gross imbalance!

Call the White House 3/26/13

Here is a see a sample script to use for your call:

“THIS IS (name), a registered voter from (city, state).  I am calling with an urgent request that President Obama strike Section 735 from the 2013 Continuing Resolution.  The rider defeats our country’s constitutionally guaranteed Separation of Powers between the Legislation and the Courts by prohibiting the Courts from exercising their role regarding USDA Regulation and the nation’s food safety.  Please remove this harmful rider. Thank you.”

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