John Kerry the Bonesman Announces Guns for Egypt, Syria and Iran Atrocities

People who were around during the vietnam war may remember the congressional testimony given by John Kerry which served as political capital for his senate campaign.  He was widely regarded as an authentic anti-war hero:

Those were the days when starry-eyed idealists of all stripes thought we lived in a democracy, and Kerry was supposed to help lead the way to national sanity.   We didn’t realize the vietnam war was just a debt-generating, money laundering and drug running operation to further enslave the USA to the invisible empire and had nothing to do with national security or even with “winning”.  Today we know (or should know) that Kerry’s testimony was all cynical fakery which not only leveraged vietnam into his political springboard, but also transcended his individual political career to serve larger interests.  How do we know these things?  Kerry is a member of skull and bones (see reference section).   When you join skull and bones, you agree to place the interests of the “fraternity” above all else.  In 2004 Kerry ran for president against fellow bonesman W Bush with barely a peep out of the MSM about the orwellian implications of having two members of the same secret society “opposing” each other in the race for president.  Kerry donated the race to bush in the face of widespread voting fraud and ballot counting allegations.  Nothing to see here, move on.

And now we see the full payoff for his patience and the patience of the network of control freaks and ultra-billionaires that he serves.  As secretary of state for “liberal” nobel peace prize winner, constitutional scholar and part-time predator drone commander Obama, he ups the carnage in the middle east.  It’s all about peace and freedom, you see.  Mass murder with a liberal face.

Nothing is as it seems.

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