Behind the Smokescreen: Conditional Approval for Anthrax Vaccine Trial in Children

The Commission’s recommendations are being promoted as if they provide more stringent protections for children than the existing Federal statutory protections which prohibit exposing children to more than “a minor increase over minimal risk” when the research offers no prospect of direct benefit for the child subjects.  [45 CFR 46.406 and 407] They do no such thing. …

This Commission’s recommendations do not strengthen existing statutory protections for children; but propaganda and misrepresentation of the vaccine’s safety hazards led reporters to the wrong conclusion.

The Commission’s public deliberations and report suffer from deliberate ignorance (ie., denial) about the body of evidence documenting the hazards posed by the vaccine and the lack of evidence for its effectiveness against the disease. I say deliberate because scientific reports and government documents have been submitted to the Commission by AHRP Board member, Meryl Nass, MD, beginning in February 2012 .

On Feb. 18, 2013, AHRP submitted a comprehensive substantive report addressed to Amy Gutmann, Chair of the Commission, documenting the scientific evidence about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine from adult trials and military experience. We also laid out the ethical and legal standards that must guide pediatric research—and cited judicial rulings that explicitly restricted the use of children in non-therapeutic research that puts them at greater than “minimal risk.”

But the Commission failed to take note of the vaccine’s known most serious hazards and lack of evidence for its efficacy. Nowhere does the Commission even acknowledge the warnings disclosed in the FDA-approved BioThrax (AVA) label

War Games, Smoke Screens, and Deliberate Ignorance

Commission members: all, but one, are MDs and PhDs (some have both) and 2 hold PhDs and JDs–
the Commission staff includes an array of PhD and 6 lawyers.

So, the failure to include documented scientific evidence about the vaccine’s hazards in the report, cannot be attributed to genuine ignorance or lack of access to the evidence.

Dr. Gutmann has used this Smoke Screen as a public relations ploy, assuring the press that “many steps would have to be taken before pediatric anthrax vaccine trials should be considered.” This strategy follows in line with the fictional, Dark Zephyr, rationale for conducting an anthrax vaccine trial in children:…

For more details see: Tower of Babel as Reporters Try to Decipher Bioethics Commission Report

Why do they want to test a dangerous concoction against a virtually non-existent threat?  Anthrax isn’t contagious.   And of course anything promoted under the “war on terror” is a joke.  Kids are far more at risk from medical assault than bearded muslims with box cutters.

Once again, the kids at risk will be those whose parents don’t have the education or time to research this info for themselves.  Eugenics using socioeconomic status as the selection criterion.

Parents could do no better than to avoid medicine as much as possible and stick with what has supported human health for thousands of years: natural organic food, exercise, fun and love.

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