Peter the Roman and the Vatican Bank Scandal

Pope Francis seems like a nice guy, in spite of Jesuit conspiracy theory, the 1.2 billion Catholics around the world are probably glad to have him. But you don’t need precognition from the Book of Revelations or the Prophecy of the Popes to know that Peter the Roman will be the last King of the Vatican City State. When the Vatican Bank goes so will the Vatican City State. The Vatican Bank with its billions of dollars in assets can’t compete with giants like JP Morgan Chase with their trillions of dollars. When the global meltdown comes as planned, the Vatican Bank will be crushed. Although they don’t help, the Vatican bankers won’t be done in by the scandals such as the Mafia connection, the money laundering or the sex-scandal payoffs. It will be the Satanic NWO that delivers the final blow. Catholicism in some form will survive, but the central authority of the Vatican won’t.

Dumbing Down American Kids

While this is funny and unbelievable, the larger question is how these women managed to graduate grade school or high school. It’s not in their genes. The system is waging an all out war on american children using every tool they can find, including medicine. The result will be unfettered control of the people. Is there anything more evil than deliberately limiting kids’ potential?

“Monsanto Rider” Will Strip Courts of Right To Challenge Compulsory GMO

We Have 1 Week Or Less to Stop Genetically Engineered Foods and Destruction of the Separation of Powers

Bill Would Strip Courts of Power … And Push Genetically Modified Foods Onto Our Plates

America has been decimated by the breakdown of the separation of powers between different branches of government. For example, the executive branch is negotiating laws in secret – and grabbing powers – without telling Congress.

And life-and-death decisions about who the government labels an “enemy combatant” and assassinates are being kept away from the judges altogether.

At the same time, government agencies like the FDA go to great lengths to cover up the potential health damage from genetically modified foods, and to keep the consumer in the dark about what they’re really eating. Remember, genetically engineered foods have been linked to obesity, cancer, liver failure, infertility and all sorts of other diseases (brief, must-watch videos here and here).

Things are about to get a lot worse within the next week … unless we stand up and say “NO!”

Specifically, a law has been snuck into the Agriculture Appropriations bill – which will be approved by March 27th – which would destroy the separation of powers by stripping courts of the power to challenge genetically modified foods.


The “Monsanto Rider” (section 735) uses “farmer-friendly” happy talk, but is an iron-fisted ploy to allow GMO crops to be planted even if a court has ruled that planting them is illegal. …

Luckily, Senator Tester has introduced an amendment to kill the Monsanto Rider. Tester’s amendment – Amendment 74 – is backed by Senators Boxer, Gillibrand, and Leahy.

Amendment 74 will help to keep genetically engineered foods out of your rood … and help to preserve the Constitutional principal of separation of powers.

It is urgent that you call both of your senators today … and tell them to vote for Senator Tester’s Amendment 74 to the Agriculture Appropriations bill.