The Pedophocracy

‘The Pedophocracy’ is term coined by David McGowan. It is the title of his book on the subject of pedophilia as an Elite habit and one of the main tools of control of the visible ruling elites, by those not so visible. [1][2]. Of all human vices and perversions, pedophilia is probably judged the most shameful and outrageous in the public mind. It thus has vast potential as a source of control.

This is a deeply disturbing subject. In similar fashion to the proposition that elements of the State use terrorist false-flag attacks against their own populations to further their agendas, the public at large simply cannot accept that the very worst depravities of child sexual abuse could be systematically cultivated and used by those same elements as a calculated and deliberate means of Machiavellian control. Many people simply do not want to be told such things – which renders them all too readily reassured by the odd sacrificial minnow. Outrage is thus indulged for a while before relapse into the consensus trance of everyday routine, where fear of strangers and the dark are relegated to the subconscious and the odd bad dream.

To be enlisted to the ‘Pedophocracy Novitiate’ so-to-speak is a temptation difficult for the psychopathic personality type that aspires to power to decline. To become a 1st degree member is to sell one’s soul – and there are probably thirty-odd higher degrees each capable of ‘making an offer that cannot be refused’ by their ‘juniors’. Standard military discipline simply cannot hold a candle to it; Special Forces/SIS-type skills and disciplines clearly make extensive use of the victims of it.

There is a large body of information available on the internet for those with the stomach for it. The deeper the investigation, the greater the unpleasant realisation that the phenomenon is so fundamentally ingrained in Western Establishment power structures that to pursue the truths of the matter is as potentially dangerous as it is stomach churning.

The Dutroux Affair

Perhaps the best and most thorough such investigation into one manifestation of ‘The Pedophocracy’ is that by Joël Van der Reijden published on his ISGP website – ‘Beyond The Dutroux Affair’ [3]. It is a detailed account of an infamous Belgian case that reached its denouement in the mid 1990’s. It names many prominent members of the Belgian establishment as being complicit to the extent of rendering Marc Dutroux himself a relatively minor detail. Anyone seeking deeper insight into any of the major child abuse scandals and the phenomenon of pedophilia generally, should start with this extended essay. It is a chilling and totally convincing account of the most horrific, extended, organised and systematic abuse of innocent young children in which senior police officers, magistrates, judges, politicians and even Belgian and Dutch Royalty are pointedly named as being deeply complicit.

… And yet, beyond pillorying the odd unknown (though nonetheless deeply unpleasant) individual when successfully prosecuted for similar crimes, the mainstream media maintains a near total silence on the issue and will not touch Joël Van der Reijden’s revelations with a barge pole.

The Franklin Case

An earlier high-profile case in Omaha, Nebraska, USA – The Franklin Case – received similar main stream media treatment (as it seems do all cases where investigations begin to threaten powerful interests). In 1993 Yorkshire Television sent a documentary crew to Omaha, to investigate, document, and interview those close to the Franklin Case. Throughout the following months the crew collected hours of interviews, spending nearly half a million dollars in the process.

The title of the documentary spoke its fate. “Conspiracy of Silence” was scheduled to air on May 3, 1994, but the documentary was pulled by the Discovery channel, and it has never aired on TV.

John DeCamp, author of ‘The Franklin Cover up’, said that informants had told him that the documentary had been pulled after Congress struck a deal with cable companies. While other Washington officials said the documentary contained pornographic material and should not be aired. John DeCamp was anonymously mailed a “cutting-room” copy of the documentary in 1995. It can be viewed here [4]

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