The New Freedom: Don’t Question the Corpulent Press

The tolerance for skepticism and diversity of opinion in this country is steadily narrowing.  The fact is that there are legitimate questions not just about sandy hook but about the batman and sikh temple shootings and a concerted effort to market the disarmament of the american people under the president whose demographic is sympathetic to that cause.  Although the “lone nut” massacres predate obama, public opinion wasn’t swayed sufficiently for bush to openly market the same agenda.  Clinton was more successful with the OKC false flag.  Obviously this has nothing to do with left/right.  The robber barons need us disarmed to have their way with us.  The behavior of the “progressive” camp where I used to hang my hat is utterly orwellian, starting with 9/11.  Maybe it provides some insight into that demographic’s psychology.  It would be ironic if the “liberal” mindset was the most potent tool in the banksters’ arsenal.

A tenured professor who controversially claimed the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut never happened is worried that he may now lose his job.

Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy told the university’s student newspaper that the university plans to have a meeting with him later this week regarding his conspiracy theory, which he published online.

“They’re getting people calling them saying that this person shouldn’t be teaching, he’s an awful person and what have you, so I think that they have to do something,” Tracy told University Press.

“I don’t know what there’s going to be. I don’t know if that would involve stripping me of my tenure and dismissing me, or what. That’s something that’s ultimately for them to decide.”

Last month, Tracy claimed the tragic shooting of 20 young schoolchildren in Newtown could be part of a conspiracy to push for gun control. He went so far to question whether the shooting even actually happened, or was just an invention of Obama and the media. …
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