“Shaken Baby Syndrome”: Pharmacorps Get Another Free Pass

Before the psychopharmaceutically-driven epidemic of massacres by which the 2nd amendment is being targetted, there was “shaken baby syndrome”, a brain inflammation often caused by vaccines, which is falsely blamed on parental abuse.  Parents imprisoned, babies put in foster care (to be subjected to all the psych drugs typically dispensed to foster children) … it’s quite a business model these companies have.

Child abuse comes in many forms, and can result in serious and permanent health conditions such as Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), a type of brain damage that typically afflicts children younger than one-year-old. But the cause of such abuse is not always physical trauma as many experts claim — pediatricians, doctors, and government officials routinely abuse children by injecting them with toxic vaccines, which are often the real cause of SBS and other brain damage-related conditions inappropriately blamed on physical abuse allegedly caused by parents and guardians.

It is not something the mainstream media likes to talk about, or that mainstream health authorities will likely ever admit to, but vaccine-induced brain damage is prevalent in today’s society, especially as an increasing number of vaccines are added to the childhood vaccination schedule. And based on the available evidence, as well as many years’ worth of lengthy investigation into the matter by prominent truth-seekers, SBS in particular appears quite often to be nothing more than a cover condition for brain damage caused by vaccine injections….


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