Satanism and the CIA

I posted this last month and now it’s gone, although it’s still in google’s cache:–

Here it is again.  Probably worth downloading for safekeeping.  The Flash Video downloader (a firefox plugin) works well for this.

By the way, he talks of the mcmartin preschool case, which is now widely seen as having been conclusively debunked as a product of children’s imaginations.  Well, guess what, that’s a carefully constructed myth:

Holy cow people, if you have young children maybe you should just get them the hell out of this country while you can.  Obviously these creatures are very good at infiltrating every last bastion of medicine and child care, not to mention law enforcement and intelligence.  What we have here is a social network which has all the characteristics of a metastasizing cancer in its structure.  Its participants are ordinary human beings but their self identity is defined by their micro-environment which in this case is a self-perpetuating network of child abuse.  They can’t stop their compulsions and they see no way out.  They are damaged goods, although perhaps not hopelessly so.  Their belief in fate constructs their prison.  Like most people, they can’t handle the idea that reality is created from moment to moment.  Everything else is just chemical traces in a neural net.

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