How Global Collapse Will be Explained to the Masses

… In the economic arena, one might say that the collapse of Lehman Bros. was the “linchpin” that triggered the landslide in the derivatives market which is still going on to this day.  However, the derivatives market bubble was a carefully constructed house of cards, deliberately created with the help of multiple agencies and institutions.  The private Federal Reserve had to artificially lower interest rates and inject trillions upon trillions into the housing market, the international banks had to invest those trillions into mortgages that they KNEW were toxic and likely never to be repaid.  The Federal Government had to allow those mortgages to then be chopped up into derivatives and resold on the open market.  The ratings agencies had to examine those derivatives and obviously defunct mortgages and then stamp them AAA.  The SEC had to ignore the massive fraud being done in broad daylight while sweeping thousands of formal complaints and whistle blowers under the rug.

This was not some “random” event caused by uncontrolled “complexity”.  This was engineered complexity with a devious purpose.  The creation of the derivatives collapse was done with foreknowledge, at least by some.  Goldman Sachs was caught red handed betting against their OWN derivatives instruments!  Meaning they knew exactly what was about to happen in the market they helped build!  This is called Conspiracy…

One might attribute Casti’s idea to a sincere belief in chaos, and a lack of insight into the nature of globalism as a brand of religion.  However, in his first and as far as I can tell only interview with Coast To Coast Radio, Casti promotes catastrophic “X-Events” as a “good thing” for humanity, right in line with the Rand Corporation ideology.  Casti, being a futurist and elitist, sees the ideas of the past as obsolete when confronted with the technological advancements of the modern world, and so, describes X-event moments as a kind of evolutionary “kickstart”, knocking us out of our old and barbaric philosophies of living and forcing us, through trial by fire, to adapt to a more streamlined culture. …

The author makes an interesting point, that the culture is full of convenient myths that individuals use to delegate their moral judgement to the state, and that complexity theory applied to social organization is one of them. But conspiracies and spontaneous self organization can occur simultaneously, in fact the concentrations of power that lead to conspiracies occur because of system-wide organization outside the control of any coordinated subgroup of people. And as the system becomes more streamlined and mechanical in its processes (particularly in its wholesale and systematic abuse of children), its participants become more alienated and specialized in their workaholism, becoming less capable of forming the empathic and temporal perspectives that enable moral judgement. This is no more in evidence than in the elitists’ own psychopathy. They are prisoners of the system that they purport to control, because their soul IS the system. They are locked in a race with their fellow elitists to the top of a collapsing pyramid, their actions as predetermined as any cog in a machine, because psychopathy is slavery to the skinner box of each agent’s ego-based stimulus-response. The system’s self-organization gives rise to the universal psychopath that facilitates the network processes that result in the system itself. Yet it’s also true that the coming collapse was/is being deliberately engineered by these human cogs which are acting out their programming. RAND itself is both a cause and a consequence of the problem. This is emblematic of complex systems: cause and effect become one and the same.  The irony is that the “controllers” will be among the casualties of the X-event that they help facilitate.

In any case, it’s clear that the propaganda foundation for the abandonment of the constitution is being laid so that the monopolists’ NWO will be seen as an alternative to the chaos which they are preparing for us.

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