Unanswered Questions Of The Sandy Hook Tragedy

The following is an excellent interview of a part-time police lieutenant conducted by The SGT Report.  Given all the inconsistencies surrounding the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, it behooves us to examine ANY mass shooting event with a carefully placed microscope and a skeptical eye.  The events of Sandy Hook are still fresh and chaotic, and not all the facts are in, but we have yet to see the inconsistencies of the initial reports on the scene addressed, and, we still have not seen a single piece of surveillance footage to clear the abnormalities in the official story.  Columbine’s video footage was used by the establishment almost immediately after the attacks, yet, nothing from Newtown?  As the interviewer in the following video states, we are not saying that the events at Sandy Hook are conclusively a false flag, however, the possibility should not be dismissed out of hand.  If we are to go through a national battle over the 2nd Amendment rights of millions of people over Sandy Hook, we should at least have the right information before hand.

Is this “wild conspiracy theory”?  No.  It is not “conspiratorial” to investigate the mainstream narrative of any event.  We are merely asking questions – questions which should be easy to answer if the official story is completely true.



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