Sandy Hook: Spooky Clue

A school district in ohio put up a web page on “Talking to your child about the sandy hook tragedy”.   The problem is that the date is listed as december 13, the day before the massacre.  Fine, it’s just human error.  But the real problem is the computer-generated URL for the article says it was posted on december 10th!  The page has been taken down, presumably by an automated process, but the cached page is still on google:

Of course it could have been cosmic rays or a computer bug or an act of god.  That’s the underlying problem here; we live in a  propaganda matrix where the level of corruption is so systemic, the conflicts of interest so embedded in the machinery of government and medicine and business, that you almost have to throw up your hands and admit that you don’t really know what’s going on.  That would certainly be preferable to swallowing the info-junkfood whole.

No one has time to second guess the propaganda, and details like this offer little in the way of understanding the overarching agenda.  Asking commonsense questions like whether the puppetmasters place any monetary value on the average american citizen and how this fits into the general belief system of overpopulation are generally more informative and can be tested against empirical evidence like the economic catastrophe which has been prepared for us.  In that context, it’s pretty much a given that the second amendment would be high on the target list.  The only question is whether they would resort to false flag tactics, but that question has been answered repeatedly throughout history, most recently by the “fast and furious” operation.  Clearly, there is no limit to the cruelty or criminality of these people.

Obama’s unconvincing display of emotionality about sandy hook contrasts sharply with his predator drone and “kill list” policies, especially given the transparency of the 9/11 fraud.  His regard for the constitution or the welfare of the africans under the gaze of his drones is as deep as his skin color.  Enuf said.

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