OMG: Alex Jones Interviews Nobel Nominee Jim Garrow on Bankster Military Takeover

Spread this far and wide. The pressure is building for another staged terror event to demonize the 2nd amendment demographic, which unfortunately is still a (rapidly growing) minority in this country.  This is government by terror.

Let me just throw in my two cents on what we’re facing here.  The intentions of the bankster mafia that is attempting this very hot military takeover in this country are no more clearly distilled than in what they have wrought with rockefeller funded and guided american obstetrical medicine: the wholesale satanic ritual abuse of babies.  Rockefeller medicine tortures thousands of newborn children every day, sexually tortures newborn boys, right under our noses.  It’s “normal.”  That’s what money can buy, and that’s what they have very deliberately bought, it’s what they want, and it’s only a taste of what they will impose on future generations of children if they can, in their campaign to destroy the family and subsume all human meaning and human spirit into their totalitarian nightmare.  History has never seen a more demonic and degraded aristocracy than these unspeakable creatures.  By their fruits you will know them.

We have no choice but to fight.  There will be no future worth living if they win.

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