UK’s Multi-decade Coverup of Vaccine Dangers

If you have children, you are more than likely already aware of the official U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “Immunization Schedules,” which today recommend an astounding 29 vaccines be given between birth and six years of age, including yearly flu shots, as well as another five to 16 vaccines between ages seven and 18 ( But a recent investigative report compiled by Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, Ph.D., uncovers more than 30 years of hidden government documents exposing these vaccine schedules as a complete hoax, not to mention the fraud of the vaccines themselves to provide any real protection against disease.

Though her paper focuses primarily on the British health system’s elaborate cover-up of the dirty truth about its own national vaccination program, the tenets of the study’s findings still apply to vaccination schedules in general, which are typically designed for the purpose of serving corporate interests rather than public health. Government authorities, it turns out, in an ongoing bid to satisfy the private goals of the vaccine industry, have deliberately covered up pertinent information about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines from parents in order to maintain a high rate of vaccination compliance. And in the process, they have put countless millions of children at risk of serious side effects and death.

You can access Dr. Tomljenovic’s full paper here:

Hiding the truth and covering up data to encourage vaccine compliance

Through several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, Dr. Tomljenovic was able to obtain transcripts of private meetings that were held between the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), a so-called “independent expert advisory committee” that makes recommendations to the government about vaccine policy, and various British health ministers over the years. And after poring through this plethora of information, which had previously been veiled from public view, Dr. Tomljenovic made some disturbing discoveries.

“[T]he JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization) made continuous efforts to withhold critical data on severe adverse reactions and contraindications to vaccinations to both parents and health practitioners in order to reach overall vaccination rates which they deemed were necessary for ‘herd immunity,’ a concept which … does not rest on solid scientific evidence,” explains Dr. Tomljenovic in the introduction to her paper.

“Official documents obtained from the U.K. Department of Health (DH) and the JCVI reveal that the British health authorities have been engaging in such practice for the last 30 years, apparently for the sole purpose of protecting the national vaccination program.”

These are some strong accusations, but the information Dr. Tomljenovic gathered speaks for itself. Not only did the JCVI routinely ignore questions of safety as they came up with regards to the ever-expanding vaccination schedule, but the group actively censored unfavorable data that shed a “negative” light on vaccines in order to maintain the illusion that vaccines are safe and effective. Beyond this, the JCVI regularly lied to both the public and government authorities about vaccine safety in order to ensure that people continued to vaccinate their kids.

The Totalitarian Impulse

Two sides of the same trend towards totalitarianism, one consciously imposed from the top, the other unconsciously organized at the grassroots. Both fostering dependence on centralized control.

For centuries, the image of the family farmer has been as iconic a piece of Americana as baseball and apple pie. Rugged and independent, the farmer still represents in the minds of many those true ideals of American individualism that the country was based on, with Thomas Jefferson’s ideal of the “yeoman farmer” providing for him the ideal citizen for the fledgling American republic.

Even now, after the virtual extinction of the family farm model in the corporate agri-business paradigm, long after the American population shifted from predominately rural and agrarian to predominately urban and corporate, there is still the ideal of the farmer, dedicated to a life of hard, honest work, growing the food upon which we all rely.

What an indictment of modern America, then, that it sits by while a federal agency appoints itself over the remaining few organic family farmers, presuming to come between these farmers and their customers, telling people what they can and cannot eat, and even raiding farms that dare to resist with guns drawn.

In this episode of our EyeOpener Report James Corbett presents the recent Rawesome Foods raids- the armed FDA operations and crackdown on raw milk in the name of “safety”, and questions the federal regulators’ power and jurisdiction to legislate what foods people are allowed to put into their own bodies, and the inherent tyranny in this bureaucratic, legislative assault on food freedom.

Watch the Full Video Report Here:

Once upon a time we considered the welfare and well-being of the people of our village or our town our business – of our concern. I don’t mean everyone was equally involved, or that we didn’t have self-centered greedy ones who couldn’t care less about others. Of course we had those. However, there were many who were of the other kind: they considered it their responsibility to help fellow village residents who had come upon a misfortune either due to health reasons, accident or sheer bad-luck. The idea was that we watched out for each other, and we could count on it. It was the idea that today it was unfortunate Mr. X, but tomorrow it could very well be you, or me.

At some point, over time, that notion began to change, and then became pretty much nonexistent. At some point that tie, that responsibility, that comradeship … was completely transferred to another entity – one that didn’t even live in that town or village. At some point the residents of villages ceased feeling responsible for fellow residents under dire conditions – the responsibility was transferred to a bigger entity. Their conscience remained clear – after all, it was no longer their responsibility or duty – an entity much bigger and much more powerful had stepped in and taken on that responsibility. Pretty soon no one in the village bothered with even looking or assessing. It was no longer their obligation.

The responsibility and duties of the community were now completely outsourced – outsourced to the government. And you know what: it seemed to make peoples’ lives much easier. Now they could concentrate more on their own life, job, family and problems. Sure, they still had some empathy and sad feelings when they came across or faced an unfortunate fellow resident, but they moved on none-the-less with the assurance that what was needed would be handled and taken care of by the government. And even when things seemed to be getting worse, instead of taking action, they looked even more expectantly at their government. Maybe if they helped the big entity get bigger their fellow residents’ misfortunes would be addressed better and faster. Yes- a bigger government, with a much bigger budget, to take care of the problems that for some reason kept getting bigger and bigger.

The Outsourcing of Neighborly Deeds

The other day an acquaintance of mine was telling me about the heartbreaking condition of her next door neighbor, with a foreclosed house and two under 9 children. She didn’t know the exact situation. She didn’t know her neighbor’s job status. She didn’t know exactly how many days they had before eviction. She didn’t know any details. It was just a regular next-door neighborly relationship after all. Her point was: that the government must do something about this situation! Well, that is, the same government that actually played a big role putting them in this situation in the first place. …

It’s clear that forced pasteurization of milk imposes corporate control of milk supply.   Small farmers can’t afford the pasteurization equipment and big producers can’t handle the logistics of avoiding high contamination rates or providing rapid delivery to the home that contamination necessitates.  Pasteurization resolves the whole problem quite tidily for big ag, but at the cost of reduced nutritional value and greater centralized control.

At the same time loss of free time and increasing attention to virtual reality in the TV propaganda matrix lobotomizes our capacity for social activities that would lead naturally to distributed and decentralized community organization.  As our economic and psychological enslavement grows incrementally, our neurological capacity to be human degrades.

Both trends feed into each other to produce a large scale self organization subject to top-down control, bottom up dependency, and loss of personal freedom, meaning-creation and quality of life.  All facilitated by the empire’s money.  Using regional money in essential services like food would foster decentralization and sovereign human-scale communities that could still conduct business among themselves for the fruits of industrial production using the empire’s money.

War on Raw Milk is About Economic Domination, not Health