US Collecting Info On Every American To Predict Crimes

Of course the rationale is to predict crimes, but the fact is that in latin america and indonesia, the US government collected intelligence on political dissidents and shared it with the death squads that they trained and funded, operating under the coup governments that they installed, leading to the torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.  Never have any of those responsible been held to account, and they or their successors still have a license to commit mayhem with impunity.   The implication is that there really is no rule of law in this country and hasn’t been for a long time.  Politics is just a diversion, the real power is wielded behind the scenes.

People are still waiting for the machinery of government to prosecute the flagrant criminality on wall street, while the “federal” reserve, controlled by those same wall street interests, continues to shower US taxpayer money and future obligations on their buddies.  But this isn’t just a financial and corruption scandal.  These financial transactions have the force of “law” and their devastating effects will become apparent to the masses of people as new tax laws and austerity go into effect to pay for them.  This is the most obvious and irrefutable argument that a very nasty police state is upon us.  One must either conclude the powers that be are completely clueless about the utterly predictable general uprising which will result, or they are preparing for it.  But these interests are very experienced at looting national economies and suppressing the popular reaction.  My guess is that the methods long used in the “3rd world” will be used here.  Claims that american soldiers will never fire on american civilians ignore the established history of using a mixture of foreign troops and carefully screened domestic troops to enforce foreign dictates.  They know how to use psychology to weed out those who will not cooperate.  The 2nd amendment may be the american people’s only remaining defense against the iron fist which is descending on our heads.  Thus the recent pattern of staged massacres with unnamed accomplices and the history of false flag terrorism is downright alarming.

Back in March Infowars noted that new guidelines put forth by the Obama administration will allow US spy agencies, under the umbrella of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), to keep records on innocent Americans without oversight for up to five years.

The rules on data retention were relaxed Following the 2009 Christmas day underpants bomber debacle. US representatives immediately called for the NCTC’s authority to be expanded, saying that there was not enough communication between intelligence agencies.

We warned that changes in such rules would aid the already vast spying architecture that the federal government has aimed directly at the American people.

This week, a report in the Wall Street Journal issues the very same warning, noting that the NCTC can use the data it collates from every US intelligence agency’s database, and analyze it to to predict possible criminal behavior of any U.S. citizen.

The WSJ report notes how a head “privacy officer” at the Department of Homeland Security explained to the Obama administration that the new privacy busting powers provided to the NCTC would bring about a “sea change”. …

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