understanding 12-21-2021

It is a well known fact that the global elite, New World Order, Nazis, Luciferians, or Illuminati are believers in the occult. Astrotheology predates luciferianism but has been embraced by them. Astrology is an occult belief. You need not believe that 12-21-2012 is a date of mystical power, you only need to understand that many powerful leaders around the world in secret societies believe that this 2012 winter solstice is a day of occult power. To someone who believes in the occult and justifies criminal acts through occultic thinking, this date of 12-21-2012 is an ultimate day of occult power. The age of Aquarius begins, the Maya calendar ends. The Sun, Earth and Galactic center align. A 26,000 year precessional cycle of the Zodiac is complete. If you believe in Satanism, this would be a day for starting wars, false flag operations, human sacrifice, betrayal of friends, the murder of enemies and the inception of evil plans. But not everything about this date suggests that evil will prevail. There are those who see this date as the end of an age of materialism and egocentric thinking and the beginning of an age of spirituality and love. If you are trying to defeat the oppressive New World Order you might want to be prepared. If you are in the Illuminati, you might want to watch your back because this is a time when high ranking Illuminati leaders will be willing to sacrifice even their loyal followers. However, I am not encouraging fear only a higher level of awareness. This is also a time to be open to an experience of enlightenment. There is a movie you might find useful at this time. It’s available on youtube. It’s called esoteric agenda-full length movie-welcome to your awakening. It may help you or others you know put the significance of this date into perspective. Kerth

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