The US’ school to prison pipeline

For the first time, a US congressional panel is looking into what the American Civil Liberties Union calls a disturbing trend – one that criminalises rather than educates many US children.

“Kids are being kicked out for very minor offences very often …. There are kids who have been arrested in New York City for writing on a desk …. The problem starts with something that is clearly not a violation of the law and then escalates …. For example, we’ve seen cases where some kid is violating the school dress code, a police officer will question them and that escalates into ultimately the kid being handcuffed.

– Dennis Parker, from the American Civil Liberties Union

The so-called ‘school to prison pipeline’ has been linked to zero tolerance policies that remove teachers’ discretion over how to discipline student misbehaviour.

School-based arrests, disciplinary alternative schools and secured detention are also blamed.

Campaigners say the policy has seen children suspended for minor infractions – marginalising at-risk youth and denying them access to education.

They add that it leaves them more likely to end up in prison as adults.

What is more, the burden of the trend falls disproportionately on students of colour.

Edward Ward, a Chicago youth organiser, explains: “I’ve actually seen where in schools they treat the students like prisoners. And when you treat students like prisoners or criminals, you don’t get results, you get consequences.

“And so as a result of the students constantly being treated like criminals, their voices are not being heard, they are being suspended for minor infractions such as not wearing the proper identification around their necks, when they come to school late they are being placed in these detention centres, where it seems like it is solitary confinement.

“Research shows that students of colour are being suspended more frequently than white students for minor infractions.” …

But we HAVE to turn society into a vast prison for our own protection from Mr. L. Gunman and Mr. A. Qaeda. the guys who keep popping up at critical political junctures to show us that we need to turn society into a vast prison for our own protection from …

Seriously, the overlords who have looted trillions from the US economy over the past 100 years under the “federal reserve” scam have no choice but to hurry up and finalize their takeover of society or they will certainly have hell to pay.

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