Tailwind: The Global Elite’s Loyalty To Its Own Soldiers

If you’ve never heard of tailwind, let me lay out some context.  Late in the sovereign-debt-generating, money laundering and drug running operation known as the vietnam war, as US soldiers became increasingly aware of the agenda to prolong the war indefinitely (to fund the MIC of course, but more importantly, to generate US treasury debt bonds for sale to the ultra wealthy, the transnational satanist and pedophile aristocratic families who control the central banks and the debt-based money scam), soldiers began deserting in the field in large numbers.  As desertion became a real threat to the maintenance of “troop morale”,  Kissinger and friends in the CIA decided to murder some of the deserters (later called “defectors” as if they were fighting against their own buddies) with nerve gas.  This was reported by CNN and caused a firestorm and subsequent denial and retraction.

Targetted killings of GI’s in the “war on terror” is also happening now (e.g. Pat Tillman and the downing of the SEAL team which supposedly took out CIA asset bin Laden http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2012/08/pentagon-cant-find-white-house-wont-release-records-of-bin-ladens-death/ ) and will likely increase as the incredibly abused, traumatized, drugged, psyoped and exhausted troops continue to be recycled back into afghanistan.  Anyway, here’s some real history:


Sniping US Soldiers in Iraq: An Inside Job

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