Senator Jekyll and General Hyde

We live under a Jekyll and Hyde government.  General Hyde picks up a chinese-manufactured plastic flag and rides into battle in distant lands to defend us against brown people who might be dimly aware of our existence, torturing and murdering innocents, bombing the countryside and pillaging resources that The Company covets and leaving desolation in his wake, then war-gaming the next conquest for his masters.   Meanwhile the right honorable Sen Jekyll stands with a gilt-edged copy of the constitution and poses for the cameras.  Now Mr. Scrooge’s austerity circus (sorry, I needed a 3rd character), “necessitated” by the hoax of “fiscal prudence” in the face of systemic wholesale fraud, theft and corruption, and the prelude to Gen. Hyde’s many fascistic takeovers in the brown world, is coming to town in the foundation of the empire, where The Company is ultimately based, legitimized and financed.  When the people finally have to admit that they’ve joined the ranks of the distant peasants whose misery they have helped to buy, and the velvet glove comes off the mailed fist, what would be first on Gen. Hyde’s domestic agenda?
If there is no domestic opposition to state sponsored mass murder and plunder abroad, the only remaining obstacle to a global takeover is russia, china and world war.  All of the staged and psych-drug-fueled school massacres of the past 2 decades will amount to nothing in comparison.  Is the second amendment an effective impediment to this process?   I don’t know, but it appears Sen Jekyll has been out playing golf with Mr. Scrooge for several years now and Gen. Hyde seems to be keeping very busy working on something in the basement.  Thus the question of why so many of these massacres are accompanied by eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters who subsequently vanish from news reports takes on a fair amount of significance.

What I don’t get is that the people who are calling for disarming the population are in all likelihood aware of the atrocities that have been committed in their names with total impunity over the years.  They might even know about the facts which have surfaced regarding the major political assassinations of the 60s and admitted false flags such as the tonkin gulf or operation northwood.  (although 9/11 and common sense haven’t yet impacted their consciousness) Yet their faith that we live under a civilized democratic government is unshakable.  But when torturers and murderers are never brought to justice, it must be assumed that torturers and murderers are running things behind the scenes.  It must be very comforting to have your head in the sand, but who’s looking out for your butt?

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