Hillary Clinton Among Friends at the CFR

Can you hear that giant sucking sound? That’s the last shred of washington’s credibility circling the black hole of infinite corruption. While she mouths the usual platitudes, she helps administer the very wars and injustices that she bemoans, on behalf of the permanent government which is housed in the stately marble halls of the corporate behemoths which fund control-freak tanks like the CFR. This is the real government, an obscene caricature of the founders’ vision which barely maintains a plausible pretense of acting in the national interest.

Anosognosia (/æˌnɒsɒɡˈnziə/, /æˌnɒsɒɡˈnʒə/; from Ancient Greek ἀ- a-, “without”, νόσος nosos, “disease” and γνῶσις gnōsis, “knowledge”) is viewed as a deficit of self-awareness, a condition in which a person who suffers a certain disability seems unaware of the existence of his or her disability. It was first named by the neurologistJoseph Babinski in 1914.[1] Anosognosia results from physiological damage to brain structures, typically to the parietal lobe or a diffuse lesion on the fronto-temporal-parietal area in the right hemisphere.[2][3][4] Whilst this distinguishes the condition from denial, which is a psychological defense mechanism, attempts have been made at a unified explanation.[5] Both anosognosia and denial are almost always connected with damage in the right hemisphere. Split-brain research suggests that this asymmetry points to a neurological answer.[6] ….


Is her hairdo concealing a dent on the right side of her head?

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