Cry For Help From Chinese Labor Camp Found in Box of Halloween Decorations

China’s obsession with Falun Gong demonstrates their recognition of the importance of the control of spirituality in controlling society.  In the US the mechanisms of domination are more sophisticated but also directed partly at the spiritual realm via 501c3 regulations applied to religion, and probably more importantly, obstetrical abuse and circumcision.  Unfortunately China has adopted the western model of obstetrical tyranny, probably under the tutelage of its authors here, the rockefeller interests, who had extensive involvement in china’s economic debut in the 80s.

A woman from Oregon found a cry for help from a Chinese labor camp in a box of Halloween decorations. The letter claims to be written from the Masanjia labor camp in northeastern China.

The Masanjia labor camp is notorious for its harsh work conditions and the mistreatment of those interned inside. In the plea letter that found its way to the US, the writer specifically mentions the mistreatment of Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong is a spiritual discipline. Its adherents are brutally persecuted in China.

Pan Qi is a former detainee from Masanjia. She witnessed another Falun Gong practitioner who was forced fed neuroleptic drugs. …

People who think keeping your head down is a survival strategy in the coming order have no idea what’s coming.  This isn’t going to be an ordinary police state.  The technocratic controllers intend to invade every aspect of your being, down your innermost sanctum.  The wholesale emotional lobotomization of men via circumcision has already been achieved, but psychiatry can go even further. They can transform your mind into a smoking ruin.  If their nightmare is realized, “you” will probably not survive, although your body might.

What we’re dealing with here is a cult of scientism (a devout belief in the “completeness” of current scientific understanding, in the integrity of the institutions of science and by extrapolation, in the state in general) funded by an inexhaustible supply of money from the criminal network that controls the financial and monetary system.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

C. S. Lewis

Lewis didn’t anticipate the robber barons’ ability to buy such mental enslavement.

Merger of State and Media in Evidence in Rand Paul’s Vendetta Against Journalist

Listen to the description of Martin’s meeting with the media overlords at the capital.  The level of coordination among seemingly different media companies and the government behind the scenes is amazing.  Who can buy such control?  Who owns those companies?  Who sits on their boards of directors?

The original interview is here:

Rand Paul isn’t the brightest bulb on the planet, but something has happened to him.  My guess is he’s being blackmailed by someone, possibly the mkultra-pedophile intelligence network which controls so many politicians (see the links starting at “conspiracy of silence” in the reference section)

Freedom of the Press Foundation: Bypassing State Censorship

Freedom of the Press Foundation provides you with an easy way to donate to journalism organizations dedicated to transparency and accountability. Our first bundle includes four organizations and will run through January 31st. You can distribute your donation as you see fit. Your donation will appear on your billing statement as ‘Freedom of the Press Foundation’ and will be tax-deductible. You can also donate by check.

Diplomatic cables disclose more conspiring by Western governments to rig gold market

Two U.S. State Department diplomatic cables from 1974 obtained by GATA researcher R.M. show Western central bank and treasury officials engaged in secret discussions — that is, conspiring — to control the price of gold and prevent any increase in its recognition as money.

The first cable was sent in May 1974 by then-Treasury Undersecretary Paul Volcker, who went on to become chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, from the U.S. embassy in Paris to the U.S. secretary of state in Washington for forwarding to another treasury undersecretary. The cable conveys a report by Netherlands Treasurer-General C.J. Oort about a meeting of European Community finance ministers in the Dutch city of Zeist on April 22 and 23.

Two proposals for controlling the gold price were discussed in Zeist, Oort wrote, according to Volcker’s cable: “One is that monetary authorities periodically fix a minimum and a maximum price below or above which they would not sell or buy on the market. The other consists in creating a buffer stock to be managed by an agent who would be charged by the monetary authorities to intervene on the market such as to ensure orderly conditions on the free market for gold.” …

The second State Department cable is dated July 1974 and appears to have been sent by the U.S. financial attache in Bonn, then West Germany’s capital, to the secretary of state in Washington with copies meant for the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve. The cable reports the financial attache’s conversation with Otmar Emminger, then vice president of the West German central bank, the Bundesbank, who went on to become the Bundesbank’s president as well. …

“Emminger said that in connection with gold he wanted to bring up one small point. Some German periodicals, particularly the Wirtschaftswoche, had reported that the recent U.S./Saudi Arabian agreement for investments in U.S. Treasury bills contained a gold clause. He knew this was not true, but if we could find occasion to make this clear it would be helpful since the supposed fact was used to argue that even the U.S. had to agree to this ‘comeback’ for gold.” …

This is all being done in the name of national interests and “modern” economic theory, but a gold standard would probably be preferable to debt-based fiat currency, which is a recipe for endless concentration of wealth.  It’s clear whose interests the suppression of the gold price serves.  But in any case a gold standard would be nearly as bad as the present system.  What we need is sovereign currency, controlled by democratic government.  See

Senator Jekyll and General Hyde

We live under a Jekyll and Hyde government.  General Hyde picks up a chinese-manufactured plastic flag and rides into battle in distant lands to defend us against brown people who might be dimly aware of our existence, torturing and murdering innocents, bombing the countryside and pillaging resources that The Company covets and leaving desolation in his wake, then war-gaming the next conquest for his masters.   Meanwhile the right honorable Sen Jekyll stands with a gilt-edged copy of the constitution and poses for the cameras.  Now Mr. Scrooge’s austerity circus (sorry, I needed a 3rd character), “necessitated” by the hoax of “fiscal prudence” in the face of systemic wholesale fraud, theft and corruption, and the prelude to Gen. Hyde’s many fascistic takeovers in the brown world, is coming to town in the foundation of the empire, where The Company is ultimately based, legitimized and financed.  When the people finally have to admit that they’ve joined the ranks of the distant peasants whose misery they have helped to buy, and the velvet glove comes off the mailed fist, what would be first on Gen. Hyde’s domestic agenda?
If there is no domestic opposition to state sponsored mass murder and plunder abroad, the only remaining obstacle to a global takeover is russia, china and world war.  All of the staged and psych-drug-fueled school massacres of the past 2 decades will amount to nothing in comparison.  Is the second amendment an effective impediment to this process?   I don’t know, but it appears Sen Jekyll has been out playing golf with Mr. Scrooge for several years now and Gen. Hyde seems to be keeping very busy working on something in the basement.  Thus the question of why so many of these massacres are accompanied by eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters who subsequently vanish from news reports takes on a fair amount of significance.

What I don’t get is that the people who are calling for disarming the population are in all likelihood aware of the atrocities that have been committed in their names with total impunity over the years.  They might even know about the facts which have surfaced regarding the major political assassinations of the 60s and admitted false flags such as the tonkin gulf or operation northwood.  (although 9/11 and common sense haven’t yet impacted their consciousness) Yet their faith that we live under a civilized democratic government is unshakable.  But when torturers and murderers are never brought to justice, it must be assumed that torturers and murderers are running things behind the scenes.  It must be very comforting to have your head in the sand, but who’s looking out for your butt?

Virtual Money: $600T of Derivatives Backed by $600B of Real Assets

There is much debate whether when it comes to the total notional size of outstanding derivatives, it is the gross notional that matters (roughly $600 trillion), or the amount which takes out biletaral netting and other offsetting positions (much lower). We explained previously how gross is irrelevant… until it is, i.e. until there is a breach in the counterparty chain and suddenly all net becomes gross (as in the case of the Lehman bankruptcy), such as during a financial crisis, i.e., the only time when gross derivative exposure becomes material (er, by definition). But a bigger question is what is the actual collateral backing this gargantuan market which is about 10 times greater than the world’s combined GDP, because as the “derivative” name implies all this exposure is backed on some dedicated, real assets, somewhere. Luckily, the IMF recently released a discussion note titled “Shadow Banking: Economics and Policy” where quietly hidden in one of the appendices it answers precisely this critical question. The bottom line: $600 trillion in gross notional derivatives backed by a tiny $600 billion in real assets: a whopping 0.1% margin requirement! Surely nothing can possibly go wrong with this amount of unprecedented 1000x systemic leverage. …