Video: The Light Bulb Conspiracy

Here’s one way in which our privately controlled debt-based monetary system short-circuited the feedback loops that could have created a sustainable manufacturing/consumer economy, instead impoverishing millions and creating massive waste and ecological destruction beyond measure.

It’s not hard to see how needless debt-based interest payments and the resulting economic treadmill imposed on businesses forced them to resort to planned obsolescence long before they would have otherwise, in order to stay afloat.   This is only one way in which our extremely toxic debt-based and fractional reserve money system results in massive amounts of environmental destruction and poverty.   The monopolization of the money supply drives much of the monopolization of the rest of the economy.

EVERYONE these days has to rent or borrow things that they used to own.   Farmers lease tractors, builders lease cranes, truck drivers lease trucks and increasingly families rent homes as wealth becomes more and more concentrated into fewer hands, the hands from which such property is leased, either directly or via leasing or borrowing overhead of related businesses.   This long predates the most recent bankster-staged “economic downturn”, and it demonstrates the genius of their modern, highly efficient, invisible  and streamlined approach to enslavement, a form of slavery that would only be a utopian pipe dream to southern antebellum slave plantations.  The entire economy is their plantation.

The key to its invisibility is the rate at which it has occurred: slowly over decades, more and more of the lifeblood of this economy has drained into the coffers of banks, from which they make loans so that people can buy the necessities of life.   This is an inevitable consequence of fractional reserve banking and debt-based money.  But the impending downfall of this paradigm stems from its very success: it’s reached a point where its becoming impossible even for highly motivated and resourceful people to make a living and support a family.   The satanists who control the central banks have long anticipated this and obviously prepared for it in numerous ways, not least of which is the imposition of chemical lobotomies on children via toxic vaccines.

Some of this extended version is in german, french and spanish and there isn’t (yet) a closed-captioned version available.

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