Top Ten Signs Your Doctor Is Planning To Perform an Unnecessary Cesarean Section on You

I have been a practicing OB/GYN for fourteen years. I live in Frisco, Texas, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and I truly enjoy living and working here.  It is a great place for my family and, for the first time, my office is attached to the actual hospital I practice in.  This is the third and final place I will practice medicine.  I trained with some of the most respected academic OB/GYN’s in the country.  These physicians have contributed to books on Obstetrics, created practice guidelines for the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), and taught me to practice medicine based on scientific evidence.

I follow a few simple rules: do no harm, give your patients options, and provide information so they can make informed decisions.  So, last night I was sitting in my office looking at the fourth Cesarean Section (C/S) operative report of the day for yet another patient who wants to have a vaginal delivery following a previous C/S. I am frustrated and feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

When did Cesarean Sections (C/S) and elective inductions at 39 weeks become the standard of care? That is not what I was taught, and that is not in any textbook or ACOG practice bulletins.  So why in Dallas, Texas do people have to drive more than an hour to find a doctor who actually has no desire to do an unnecessary C/S?  It has become obvious that I cannot attend every vaginal birth a patient wants to have after their traumatizing C/S experience.  If close to 50% of the patients are getting a C/S each day and there are hundreds of practicing OB/GYN’s in the Dallas Metroplex, the math is not difficult.  I know at least one physician who only does C/S’s, and vaginal delivery is not even an option.  If one of his patients delivers vaginally it is only because the baby came faster than he could get to the hospital.

This is the only place I have lived where C/S and elective inductions are king.  So, women of the world, I am giving you the knowledge to stand up for yourself before you get that first C/S!

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