The NAFTA Debate: Questioning Motives

Everything that Ross Perot warned about has come true.  So here’s a dark take on this history: contrary to popular deception, economics at the macro level is not rocket science and Al Gore, oil heir and son of an elite transnational networker, knew exactly what he was doing.   He was acting on behalf of his class interests to deceive the people and impoverish them.  His film “inconvenient truth” should be seen in this light: he’s heavily invested in carbon trading and derivatives, as are much of the rest of the elite.  If you want to convince yourself that human induced global warming is real (I’m not convinced) you first need to surmount this obstacle to its credibility.  Is it possible that the malthusian eugenicists who run the world have exploited the environmental movement to further their own pathological aims?  What do you think?  You owe it to yourself to investigate the claims being made on the authentic non-corporatist right.

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