New Tax Law Will Make It Nearly Impossible To Pass On A Farm Or A Business To Your Children

As the robber barons finalize their merger with government, the entire country is becoming a “company town.”  While these tax laws are aimed at a small relatively well-off demographic, they promote increased economic centralization which will eventually engulf the entire country.  When corporations become the government, there is no difference between socialism and fascism.  In totalitarianism there is no room for human rights or human dignity.  While taxes are obstensibly spent on the public welfare, the truth is that the government is creating the conditions for increased public dependency and vulnerability to the whims of the controllers of the economy.  This is how collectively autocatalytic systems work: they convert raw materials (potentially independent and empowered humans in this case) into metabolites (cogs in the machine), thereby growing, reinforcing and skimming from the processes which perpetuate the system.   There is an alternative which predates the bankster era.  But it has to start with economic decentralization.  The issue has always been about monopoly vs grassroots economies.  Left and right are just a diversion.

Please ignore the author’s references to “liberals”.  The whole conceptual framework is orwellian and outdated.

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