Drive-thru flu vaccines being administered for ’emergency response’ purposes

Come on people,  some vaccines work, some don’t, but all of them have the potential to do serious long term harm, and all of them require utter trust in profit seeking corporations with a history of coverups, covert sterilization campaigns and networks into the “national” security state that brought us 9/11 and the destruction of the US middle class.

The history of the swine flu “pandemic”, including the WHO’s and CDC’s gross exaggerations of its prevalence and its unusual genetic background strongly implying that it was created in a laboratory, makes this push for universal injections in the name of a PR construct called “herd immunity” stink to high heaven.  What do you think they intend to do with the 10’s of millions of americans whose lives they have deliberately destroyed?  Just getcher damn vaccine!

In the shadow of Halloween, local health departments all across the country are holding creepy new drive-thru flu shot clinics this year as part of a nationwide “emergency preparedness drill” to see how quickly and efficiently large numbers of people can be vaccinated. According to numerous local reports, individuals are being encouraged to bring their family and friends along for the ride as they roll down their windows to get the free jabs, while officials monitor and track how rapidly the public can be processed through these various vaccine lines.

The ominous initiative, which some reports are openly describing as a test run for future forced vaccinations of large numbers of people, is taking place in Connecticut, Alabama, Georgia, California, Kansas, Virginia, Arizona, and many other states. And in some locations, administrators will actually be onsite timing with a stopwatch the rate at which vaccine providers are able to process people through the vaccine lines, all for the purpose of assessing whether or not such a feat might be possible on a much larger scale.

“We’re going to time how long it takes each person to get through the clinic,” said Kris Magnussen, a communicable disease prevention supervisor at Connecticut’s Ledge Light Health District, to The Day. “If we had to vaccinate thousands and thousands of people in a short period of time, we want to be as efficient as possible.”

In Georgia, a local health official took this chilling concept even further, telling WALB news in Albany that, should another “pandemic” flusituation sweep the area, “we would need to give the vaccine to the entire population” of that particular county. And since many other counties across the country are also holding their own similar flu shot clinics, the overall intent seems to be to utilize the vast network of local health departments to effectively vaccinate the entire U.S. population in the event of an “emergency.”

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