CNBC Admits That The Central Banks Have Taken Over

What this means is that the physical economy is no longer governed by nominally distributed market forces (i.e. the “grassroots” bottom-up economy where people create the things that people need in a sustainable, collectively autocatalytic, economically diverse, human-scale and geographically distributed economy), it’s governed by a highly centralized cartel controlled by a very tiny and pathological elite.  This is precisely what was planned for decades ago ( ). Hitler could only dream of this level of control.

Now think about what the interests of these people might be.  They’ve been running a hugely profitable scam (their own privately controlled debt-based money) raking trillions of dollars off the economies of the world, inciting wars and mass genocides on several continents, bringing the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation, displacing and impoverishing millions of people, corrupting governments etc.  And now the internet is exposing them.  What do you think they intend to do?  What would you do?

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