Campaign Against the Torture and Mutilation of Children

The greatest crime against humanity is the torture and mutilation of children. Child abuse and neglect, particularly in its extreme forms, represents a form of torture and mutilation. Not commonly recognized as child abuse and neglect and a form of torture and mutilation is the ritual mutilation of genitals of children (male and female). One reason for the non-recognition of these crimes of genital mutilation and torture is their common occurrence and their support by religious and social traditions of various kinds. Another reason is the denial and/or indifference to the pain that is being inflicted upon these children.
James Prescott, Ph.D.
Developmental Neuropsychologist, Cross-Cultural Psychologist

The Ashley Montagu Resolution to End the Genital Mutilation of Children Worldwide:
A Petition to the World Court, the Hague

The Universal Declaration on Circumcision, Excision, and Incision (1989)

Endorse the Declaration and Resolution

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