Sibel Edmonds: NATO, Turkey seek pretense for attack on Syria

Yesterday I was on RT for a brief interview on the recent developments in the long-ago-planned US war on Syria. As I mentioned during the interview, Boiling Frogs Post was one of the first news sites reporting on those long-ago-conceived and planned operations targeting Syria:

11 months ago, in November 2011 I reported on the Secret US-NATO Training and Support Camp in Turkey to Oust Syria’s Assad.

On December 11, 2011, Boiling Frogs Post broke the story on US Troops Deploying on Jordan-Syrian Border.

In mid-December 2011 we had a brief analysis of Turkey’s Sudden 180 Degree Turn on Syria

In December 2011, we had a follow-up on US Government-Mainstream Media collusion in obscuring all reporting on Syria here.

And this is one of my RT interviews on Syria from last year: Click Here

Anyway, These links provide some background for what I emphasized during my interview with RT yesterday, and here is the video clip:

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