Hospital Employees’ Jobs In Jeopardy If They Don’t Get Flu Shot

Hospital employees across Colorado are being threatened with their jobs if they don’t get the flu shot by the end of the year.

This requirement is being implemented now even though the State of Colorado only requires more than half of all employees to receive the vaccination. The mandate for all employees doesn’t take effect for several years.

These health care workers feel they are being given a choice: get a flu shot or lose your job.

“I don’t want to get the flu shot and to me it seems I’m getting forced to put a virus into my body that I object to,” said one hospital employee who didn’t want to be identified….

The institutional corruption and destructiveness of rockefeller medicine is certainly worthy of a eugenics and pedophilia-based financial elite, but there are still some holdouts among doctors and nurses, at least when their own health is on the line.  Unfortunately all too many feel compelled to market flu vaccination to the public.  Even if you had unconditional trust in big pharma, the case for flu shots is extremely weak, both in terms of safety (many multidose vials types STILL contain mercury and they all have adjuvants and random bits of RNA and DNA) and efficacy.  See the stuff on vaccines in the reference section for starters.  It’s disappointing to say the least to hear even compassionate and conscientious doctors push the “herd immunity” doctrine.  It’s bizarre to argue that everyone should be endangered with autoimmune disease and brain damage in order to protect those who choose not to be.  And for people living in the real world, the motivations of an industry which refuses to screen for children who are vulnerable to heavy metal toxicity in the face of its link to late onset autism (see ref section) is certainly in doubt.

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