Gates Foundation Hijacks Education Policy

Foundations have always enjoyeda cozy relationship with government, but the Gates Foundation has taken the game to a whole other level. In the past tax exempt foundation influence was more subtle and hush hush; Now they are openly acting as extensions of government.

The Gates Foundation has reached its tentacles into every significant venture it can find. Genetic engineering, vaccines, and education are just a few examples. Every aspect of our lives has been in some way impacted by Foundation influence. In a previous article, Old-Thinker News exposed the campaign of tax exempt foundations – specifically the Gates and Rockefeller philanthropies – to vaccinate the world.

The education system in the United States has been influenced since its very beginning by tax-exempt foundations. The Rockefeller Foundation’s influence in education was exposed by the Reece Committee in 1954. Today, the major operations in education policy are coming from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A hidden hand of control outside of elected representatives is setting the agenda for the education of the country.

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