Aluminum in Baking Powder, Cookware Known to Be Toxic in 1920’s

Excerpt from Mercola interview with Dr. David Ayoub:

In the 1800’s in Europe, aluminum was used in some products, cooking ware, and baking products and so forth and it was banned across Europe because it was known to be a poison. And in fact, if you…very interesting, there was a book written in 1920’s by a dentist names Charles Betts. A fascinating story about aluminum poisoning via predominantly baking powder that was used. This went through, as we’ve seen recently with vaccines, this went through regulatory hearings but this time with the Federal Trade Commission and he wrote a book on that and there was extensive experience with really severe toxicity. Everything from cookware. In fact, he himself was poisoned. He got aluminum poisoning and he made the diagnosis from his coffee cup. But you had experts then, toxicologists then, were stating in Federal hearings that aluminum salts which are exactly what we’re using in vaccines were a poison no matter how they’re injected whether it’s in use intravenously or orally, or subcutaneously. But, yet about the same time these hearing were held, aluminum fell into a vial of vaccines somewhere in a laboratory and it’s been used every since in vaccines. So it’s pretty perplexing of something with a reasonably long track record of being a toxin to humans and undergoing Federal hearings for that matter turned around and was used for vaccine adjuvants.

Safety of aluminium from dietary intake, European Food Safety Authority

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